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Over 45 Years of Combined Experience in Criminal Defense

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Statewide Representation From Proven Defense Lawyers

We are a statewide practice, defending people from A(noka) to Z(umbrota) and everywhere in between.

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Violent Crimes Defense

Defending against charges such as homicide, assault, and domestic violence.

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Drunk Driving Defense

Fighting charges such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) and boating while intoxicated (BWI).

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes Defense

An aggressive defense against production, possession, and trafficking charges.

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Juvenile Crimes Defense

Making such a youthful indiscretion does not result in a lifetime of harsh consequences.

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense

Sexually Related Offenses

Defending against charges such as solicitation, prostitution, and cybercrimes.

Seasoned Defense Attorneys in Anoka, MN

Giancola-Durkin, P.A. Criminal Defense is a time-proven criminal defense law firm committed to your future. We do not let drunk driving, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, or sex crimes derail your future.

We bring over 45 years of combined experience, offering DWI and criminal defense attorney services. We operate throughout the entire state from our office located in Anoka, Minnesota.

Attorneys Mark Giancola & Rory Durkin

Not Afraid to Fight for the Outcome You Deserve

In our many years of criminal practice, we’ve seen far too many people take a plea in hopes that their troubles will go away before anyone notices. This is the wrong approach, often resulting in collateral damage that lasts years or decades.

At Giancola-Durkin, P.A., we focus on achieving the best possible outcome in every case we take. Sometimes that means reaching a plea deal with the prosecution, and sometimes it involves taking a case to trial. However, it always means being prepared to go to trial. The prosecution knows we will go the distance on behalf of our clients, and that allows us to negotiate outcomes from a position of strength.

Criminal Defense Is Our Profession

Defending the rights of the accused is more than business for us, it’s our profession and our passion.
Our practice is dedicated to the defense of individuals charged with a felony and misdemeanor crimes in Minnesota. We have never been prosecutors because we believe that defense strategy requires a defense focus.

We showcase a combined experience of over 45 years and have honed our craft in hundreds of trials, making sure juries and judges hear our clients’ stories.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent. Use it.

Should I Just Plead Guilty and Make It Go Away?

It’s crucial to explore your rights before making a decision.

What Our Clients Say

Mark and Rory are great attorneys and will make sure that your legal matters are handled. They are extremely tenacious and knowledgeable… would recommend them to anyone!

– Daryl D.

Terrific Guy! Would recommend him to anyone!
I have contacted Mark on two separate occasions regarding legal concerns. While we, fortunately, didn’t need to retain services at the time, he was knowledgeable and gave amazing advice that was right on the money. If a situation ever arose that his services should be needed, he is the first person we would call and the first we’d recommend! Thanks again, Mark!

– Tammy

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